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Client References

Riders love our mobile application. Agencies love our flexible platform and back office management tools. Check out some moovel client references:

Qualities of a Successful Contractor - San Diego MTS

Here are the qualities of a successful contractor: responsive, honest, consistent delivery on promises, a willingness to rise to the occasion when there are sudden changes of plan, and 100% transparency when challenges arise. In essence, a great contractor is when they become an extension of your organization.

In every way, the people at moovel were part of the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System’s marketing team. Every day, they put client service at the top of their priority list. Their response to last-minute requests or to the inevitable technology glitch is the proof point. Every resource was thrown into solving the challenge immediately. I knew that the people at moovel always had my back. And what can be more important than that?

While I put a very high value on the people who drive the tech, the product they deliver is also obviously important. When MTS hired moovel, mobile ticketing was just past the infancy stage. The technology was ready to grow throughout the US and beyond. And moovel, a leader in the sector, was running in a lot of different directions. Once again, they never lost sight of their client. The mobile ticketing app for MTS was delivered on time and on budget. They collaborated with the University of California San Diego’s Information Technology group (no easy task) to deliver a mobile  U-Pass product to over 40,000 undergrads and grads. And over the five-year relationship, new products were made available according to its well-established roadmap.

Bottom line? Great people. Great product.

Rob Schupp
Director of Marketing and Communications
Metropolitan Transit System
San Diego, CA