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Professional Services

Up-Level Your Mobile Ticketing App

Supporting customizations and bespoke engineering to help your mobile ticketing app reflect your agency’s unique requirements.

Our Professional Services Team Partners with Agencies

To develop any custom solutions that an agency might need. Whether that is a complex integration with a current system or a specific feature request outside of our standard mobility platform, we support and develop to your requirements.

Standard Services

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Custom Integrations

Agencies who have stand alone systems that the mobile ticketing app needs to integrate with are pretty common. We support custom integrations to ensure all systems are connected.

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Custom Animations

The Transit Engagement Platform combats fraud by animating each ticket presented for visual validation. We have a set of standard animations but often agencies will request something specific to reflect their culture and city.

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Special Event Packages

Mobile ticketing can be a great avenue to promote special events. Agencies often have fares specific to that event. We support those fares in the mobile app and can customize them to the agencies needs.