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Cash Acceptance

Making cash payments equitable and cost effective.

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Learn About Our Innovative Cash Payment Solution

The majority of transit riders nationwide pay for their travel in cash, either at the farebox, or at a ticket vending machine. In most cases, this is because riders lack access to other payment options, such as credit cards or Paypal. The vast majority of unbanked or underbanked riders have a smartphone, but they have been excluded from the convenience of mobile ticketing, because cash is still their only option for fare payment.

We know that cash is costly to collect, requires physical touch points and delays boarding. This is why moovel has partnered with a leader in the prepaid card industry to offer cash as a payment option in the Mobility App. Our goal is to lessen the burden of using and managing ticket vending machines and fareboxes and offset it by pairing our Mobility App with an established retail network and brand.

See How it Works

moovel app users will add cash to their mobile ticketing account in the checkout line at over 8,000 retailers across the US. The cashier simply scans the barcode on the customer’s mobile device, and receives cash for the transaction.  By the time the customer exits the store, the cash is available for the customer to use for ticket and pass purchases.

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