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Loyalty & Rewards

Growing Ridership Through Rewards

Give riders transit and shared mobility credits for shopping locally.

Learn About Our Loyalty & Rewards Program

One of the best ways to engage and retain riders is to reward them for choosing transit. We believe that rewards should also extend to the local community; through partnerships with local merchants and other shared mobility options.

See How it Works

moovel’s Loyalty and Rewards program gives transit agencies a simple way to connect riders with local businesses, who provide special offers and transportation credits as a reward for qualifying purchases made at their stores.

Step 1 - Rider creates account
Step 2 - Rider views available offers
Step 3 - Rider redeems offer by making qualifying purchase
Step 4 - Rider receives SMS notification when their purchase triggers a transportation credit reward
Step 5 - Rider redeems transportation credit with the mobility option of their choice

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Explore Our Benefits

Connect Riders with Local

When a rider makes a qualifying purchase, they’re rewarded with transportation credits, incentivizing them to shop, and ride, local.

Increase Ridership

Loyalty & Rewards is one more touchpoint with your riders. The program is designed to target choice riders; turning them into repeat riders.

Drive Shared Mobility

Encourage users to take transit with a shared scooter or bike, opening up a multitude of ways for riders to customize their journey.

Features You and Your Riders Will Love

The Loyalty and Rewards platform is built to be customized and scaled for your agency including:

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Transit Agency-branded

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Integrated with the Transit Engagement Platform

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Provide a Variety of Transportation Credit Reward Options

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Set-up to Curate a Specific Set of Businesses

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Onboarding & Enablement

Advertising Guidelines

Aligned with Your Advertising Guidelines