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Promoting Local Business and Transit in Your Community

The surge of online shopping and delivery service options in addition to substantial parking shortages and expenses has made it increasingly difficult to get people into brick and mortar stores.

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Despite the many marketing and advertising options that exist, it can be tough to find innovative and affordable ways to attract new customers while also removing barriers for customers related to parking challenges.

Our Products For Retailers

Loyalty & Rewards

moovel’s Loyalty and Rewards platform blends a loyalty program structure with a fresh take on the concept of parking validation, allowing businesses to incentivize customers by rewarding their purchases with transportation credits that can be redeemed for rides with public transit and other mobility service providers.

If you’re interested in driving foot traffic to your store, increasing revenue and promoting sustainable transportation in your community, moovel’s Loyalty and Rewards is for you.

Learn more about our platform and transit agencies you can partner with currently running Loyalty and Rewards programs in the U.S.

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