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Innovative Ways to Manage Transportation Benefits

Transportation benefits can promote a positive workplace experience, company culture and impact on the environment, yet given challenges associated with paper and plastic pass programs, many companies choose not to offer these benefits or struggle to gain employee adoption when they do.

Taking the Right Steps

Regardless of whether you’re distributing transportation benefits, reduced fares or discounts to help employees get to and from work, paper and plastic pass programs are time-consuming and expensive to manage, while also inconvenient for employees who are required to keep tabs on a card and take manual steps to load their funds.

Our Products for Employers

moovel offers two unique products to help employers digitize these programs, eliminating the need for paper processes with a configurable system that easily tracks and distributes fares to eligible riders.

If you’re interested in offering a transportation benefit program to attract top talent, or looking for a way to improve your existing program for administrators and employees alike, we have a solution for you.

RidePass Mobility Benefits

Ensure employees can get around town safely; whether at 8 am or 11:30 pm with RidePass. RidePass distributes transportation passes for employees to choose the mode that best fits their trip. That may be a pass for local transit or credit for a ride-hail.

RidePass Mobility Benefits Graphic

FareShare Discounted Passes

Already have a transit benefit program in place? FareShare can help you easily distribute discounted passes to local transportation options.

FareShare Discounted Passes Graphic