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Top Ten Mobility Trends for 2020

(Published 2019)

Creating Better Cities in 2020 and Beyond

A major shift in mobility has been taking place across cities in North America. Some of the change, such as emergence of micromobility and contactless payments, has been driven by new technology and private capital. But much of the push to support transit and other transportation options is driven by shifting public sentiment about how to make travel safer and more efficient in cities and a reckoning with what it will really take to address the climate crisis.

Support for innovative transportation solutions such as car-free corridors and partnerships between private mobility companies and transit agencies has taken off, with cities across the country now willing to experiment, or at least seriously consider, new approaches to managing their urban transportation networks.

With a focus on how transit can create better cities, we’ve identified 10 emerging mobility trends to look ahead to in 2020.

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