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Buyer's Guide: Mobile Ticketing for Public Transit

(Published 2019)

What you should look for when implementing a mobile ticketing solution.

Urban mobility is changing rapidly, driven by changes in population trends and new technology. As mobile devices have become a staple of our daily lives, people are increasingly expecting to use them to access transportation services and pay for their trip.

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) meets this expectation, giving people options to search, book and pay for public and private transportation services, all in one platform. The first step in creating a multimodal MaaS ecosystem is to go mobile, beginning with transit payment options.

Use this buyer’s guide as a practical tool to craft your agency’s strategy for implementing mobile ticketing and building a MaaS strategy.

Download the guide to:

  • Learn about the core and add-on functionality you should be considering when purchasing a mobile ticketing solution.
  • Gain efficiencies to quickly have a mobile solution in the market with recommendations that allow you to grow the solution over time.
  • Have a practical checklist to use as you’re creating and evaluating requirements for your mobile ticketing solution.
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